is a ticketing platform where people buy and sell all kinds of event tickets. 

TicketsJoint is also a subsidiary of AYOOLA Group of Business. It ( is created to help audience find the right and pocket-friendly tools they can trust to manage their events. It is created to help organizers monitor and manage how their events are getting sold and the statistics of the interested customers. This platform helps the Organizers to get the tickets to their targeted audience without having to go through mountains before getting them all sold out in no time. The platform is created in a lay-man's understanding for the audience to easily access and buy the their favorite event tickets with ease. The platform offers a very secure environment for our users (custormers and organizers) in such a way that hackers have no ways in to perform their illegal activities towards our users data. The platform does not store nor run a third party platform to save delicate data like Credit Cards. The platform is equally created to suite our members (event organizers and custormers).

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